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The Megacool

Indirect evaporation cooling air conditioner


When a liquid turns into a gas, it heats up from the surroundings by the heat of vaporization phenomenon.

The familiar phenomenon is the same phenomenon as watering out on a hot summer day.

An indirect evaporative cooling air conditioner "Mega Cool" is a system that uses this principle to cool the air without using a compressor.

Feature of the Megacool

  1. Cool and charge the outside air or room air by the evaporation of water without humidification.

  2. Significantly reduce CO2 emissions by not using refrigerant gas such as fluorocarbons (contributing to the environment)

  3. Heating is possible in winter by built-in boiler (use of exhaust heat available)

  4. Improve the indoor environment (positive pressure management)

  5. Significantly reduce electricity and gas energy of existing air conditioners.


・"Mega cool" can lower the blowing temperature to 18 °C depending on the temperature and humidity of the inlet air.

・The use of antimicrobial agents prevents mold and bacteria.

・We use general tap water and rain water for watering, but we use water softener depending on the water quality.

・In the summer and mid season, "Mega cool" can cool without humidification.

・In the winter, "Mega cool" can also heat and humidify.

・The "Mega cool" can be integrated into the "desiccant air conditioner" as an integral type.

In addition, it is also possible to use it as another place.

Effect of the Megacool

MEGACOOL cools to 24-26 °C with water alone, even when the outside air is 35 °C in summer.    Therefore, the time for operating the air conditioner is shortened, and we can reduce the power of the air conditioner.

In the season when the outside air is not so high, we do not use the air conditioner, and we cool with using the mega cool only.

Let's prevent global warming using "Mega cool"

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